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Rush The New Newt

Posted by Matt on December 1, 2009

In 2004, the country’s most influential conservative had this to say about the institution of marriage:

“‘i really do not even think marriage is a right. marriage is a responsibility. it’s not a gift that somebody says, ‘hey, now it’s time for you to get married. it’s our bestowal to you.’ it’s a commitment that you make and it is a responsibility that you accept.”” Limbaugh also attacked correspondent Connie Chung, demanding to know, “”how many divorces has Connie had?”” and he lamented the “”quadrupling in divorce rates,”” saying, “”we have a behavioral problem. we have a love problem. we have a spiritual problem.””

No pictures, please.

Speaking of “quadrupling the divorce rate,” let’s fast-forward to 2009.  The quintessential man of virtue is all set to get married for the 4th time!!!  And who’s the lucky Beard, excuse me, Woman, who gets to talk about “anal poisoning” at the dinner table?  It’s Kate Rodgers!


So when Rush’s 4th marriage inevitably fails, who’s he gonna blame?  Let’s take you back to South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s philandering ordeal earlier this year:

“It’s finally happened,” said Rush Limbaugh, conservative radio personality. “America, I’ve been warning you for years that gay marriage would destroy the American family and look… there they are, a husband, wife, and four children — destroyed.  When is this going to stop America? When will the liberals be satisfied?  When all the marriages break up? This wasn’t Mark Sanford’s fault, this was Ted Kennedy’s fault. Sanford didn’t cheapen the value of marriage, he was victimized by the cheapening of marriage.”

Conservatives and “personal responsibility.”  Keep it up.  WWJB?


2 Responses to “Rush The New Newt”

  1. Rush Limbaugh is my go-to for issues of morality. Who’s more moral than some one who had a raging prescription drug problem then through his ESL housekeeper under the bus when he got busted? Maybe gay people made him do that too.

    Marriage has been a vehicle for managing wealth and politics until about 80 years ago- and remains so in many countries today. I think the government should get out of our relationships entirely.

  2. Matt said

    I kind of want to get married just so I can get divorced and blame it on Ted Kennedy. At least the kids will know it’s not their fault.

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